Aspdnsf Sitemap Pro

for AspDotNetStoreFront (Sitemap Generator)

Aspdnsf Sitemap Pro is the perfect utility for sitemap management and generation for Aspdotnetstorefront. Aspdnsf Sitemap pro is a lightweight utility that can be installed on client or server machines and is able to generate sitemap files for submission to search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Being a windows based program, it is upgrade friendly meaning you don’t have to carry it over from version to version, and it maintains its own database of information so you can store meta-data specific to search engines without modifying your Aspdotnetstorefront Database. Please see this preview video for a glimpse on what it can do for you:

Download Aspdnsf Sitemap Pro

Download: 1.8 for Windows

Retail Release

Download User Manual

Beta User Manual (PDF Format)


Sitemap Pro uses an easy to use windows GUI that makes managing your site maps a breeze. You can submit sitemaps as needed and you can rest assured that they follow the guidelines and rules set forth by search engines.

Aspdnsf Sitemap Pro is currently in Free Beta, a full retail version will be released soon in the Aspdotnetstorefront Marketplace, in the mean time we encourage you to try out Aspdnsf Sitemap Pro and let us know if you have any questions or comments by emailing us at:


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