Development Prices

Hourly Development Rates

Simrun - Comrogen Development - $155.00/Hour Comrogen Development - $155.00/Hour

Comrogen development that encompasses design implementation, plugin development, api development, and all other comrogen related development.

Simrun - Database Development - $165.00/Hour Database Development - $165.00/Hour

Comrogen database development, maintenance, upgrades, and all other tasks related to the Comrogen database system.

Simrun Graphic Design - $85.00/Hour Graphic Design - $85.00/Hour

Comrogen template design, graphics and images, css development and all aspects related to the user interface (gui).

Simrun Consulting - $155.00/Hour Consulting - $155.00/Hour

Comrogen consulting regarding setup, deployment, programming, api, and all other technical questions regarding Comrogen.

Comrogen Design & Development

Template Tweaks starting at$1,900.00

Simrun can modify Comrogen templates to match your desired theme and look. Tuning includes:

Color palette changes to match your site
Homepage design and development (banners etcetera)
Update notifications to match your site’s theme
Includes site setup and deployment
Access to WIP/dev site to review site progress
Quick deployment time of about 1 week

Custom Site Design

For sites that need to be built from the ground up, we offer various development options. You can pick development items ala carte or contact us for a bundled quote.

Simrun Template Design Template Design - Starting at $4,500.00

Simrun graphic designers will create 2 unique mockups for you based on requirements that you specify. Template design encompasses the overall look and feel of the website as well all aspects of the home page.

Simrun Product Page Development Product Page Development - Starting at $2,500.00

Product page designed to specifications and having support for all stock features, plugins, and performance optimizations. We can add support for custom plugins as well and development new functionality as needed.

Simrun Product Group Page Development Product Group Page Development - Starting at $3,000.00

Product group page designed to handle multiple products and includes support for all stock functionality included in group pages. We can add support for custom plugins as well and development new functionality as needed.

Simrun Category Page Development Category Page Development - Starting at $3,500.00

Category page design and development that covers all aspects of category functionality such as filtering, sorting, views, and adding plugin support.

Simrun Shopping Cart Development Shopping Cart Development - Starting at $1,500.00

Shopping cart display provider development includes all aspects of handling cart information and fulfillment options such as providing estimates on shipping.

Simrun Checkout Page Development Checkout Page Development - Starting at $3,500.00

Checkout is a critical part in modern e-commerce design, Simrun can provide complete customization of this step including one page checkout deployment.

Simrun Registration and Miscellaneous Pages Registration & Misc. Pages - Starting at $2,500.00

Registration and miscellaneous pages on your Comrogen site can be developed and tuned to your business requirements and needs.

Simrun Plugin Development Plugin Development - Starting at $1,600.00

Plugins ranging from simple front-end widgets to back-office integrations, we are experienced with all aspects of plugin development. Visit our plugin page to learn more.