Customization, Plugins, & Support

Simrun is a first party Comrogen development firm that provides complete development, design, support, and maintenance for all things Comrogen. We can help you create a website from scratch or assist you in customizing Comrogen templates; we can create plugins for your particular needs as well as help you with integrations with third party party software.

We have been developing e-commerce websites for over 20 years and exclusively focus on the Comrogen platform. Our development and design services consist of 3 main areas: website development, plugin development, and support & maintenance, learn more by reading below:

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Development options to suit you

Comrogen development is all we do, we can help with sites, plugins and support:

Comrogen Website Development

Simrun offers various Comrogen development options. We can help create templates, product, product group, category, shopping cart, checkout and registration pages for your Comrogen website. We also offer options to customize Comrogen templates or create fully custom websites based on your requirements.

You can visit some our completed projects online and visit our pricing page to see our hourly rates as well as development packages.


Comrogen Plugin & Integration

Plugins ranging from simple front-end widgets, to back office integrations, we are experienced with with all aspects of plugin architecture including: front-end, administration, database, api, and permissions.

Visit our plugins page to see examples of plugins we have created for Comrogen including integration plugins that work with back-office software such as Quickbooks..


Support & Maintenance

Simrun can ensure your Comrogen website runs smoothly and efficiently. We offer fully managed Comrogen hosting which includes complete software, hardware, networking and maintenance support. We also offer support for Customers who are self-hosting their websites, this includes assistance with website upgrades, backups, database tuning, as well as error handling to ensure your Comrogen site runs like a top.


Key Development Areas

Complete Website Builds
Complete Website Builds
Looking to have a complete site built from scratch? Simrun can design, implement, and deploy your Comrogen site.
Migrate to Comrogen
Are you looking to move to Comrogen? We can help you move over all of your data. Aspdotnetstorefront users; click here for more details.
Custom Pages
Custom Pages
Simrun can built custom pages (display providers) for products, product groups, categories, checkouts, search results, and more.
Template Modifications
Template Modifications
Do you need to tweak a Comrogen template for your needs? Simrun can modify Comrogen templates to work for you, development starts at just $1,600.00.
Professional consulting
Professional Consulting
Need technical or development consulting? Simrun can provider consulting for developers, designers, and DBA admins on all aspects of Comrogen.
API Development
API Development
We can create plugins that work with the API as well as extend the API system to add new functionality as needed.

Comrogen Plugins

Fonrt-End Plugins

Google Analytics, Add This, Facebook Order Tracking, and any other client side plugin that you may need, we can develop it for you. We can add support for front-end plugins to existing templates, or to new display providers that are built to spec.

All plugins include installation/uninstall options and are developed to the Comrogen version specified. Visit the official Comrogen website to see some of the free front-end plugins we have developed.


Back Office Plugins

Simrun can assist in creating plugins that work at the admin level, or require database and api development. Examples of back office plugins include Quickbooks, QBP, Sportsman Supply, and other vendors that are used to maintain product information and orders on your Comrogen website.


Integration Plugins

Simrun has developed many third party plugins that extend the functionality of Comrogen significantly. Examples of third party integration plugins include: eBay, Amazon, Freightquote, eKomi, etcetera.

Integration plugins may include client side applications/utilities that are installed on machines and communicate with the Comrogen website’s API.