Move to Comrogen

We will help you

Move to Comrogen

Simrun has created tools and processes to assist customers migrating to Comrogen. We specialize in Asp.net ecommerce carts such as Aspdotnetstorefront, but can also assist in moving data from Woocommerce (Wordpress), Magento, Opencart, and other popular php shopping carts.

Moving from Aspdotnetstorefront?

Simrun provides a fast one day migration process that moves all information from your Aspdotnetstorefront website onto Comrogen. We’ll take care of:

Simrun Customers & Order History

All your customer information including passwords and all the orders you have received.

Simrun Products & Variants

Products and Variants will be carried over as products and product groups.

Simrun Category Entities

We will make sure all entities (categories, departments, libraries, etcetera) are setup correctly.

Simrun Topics & Settings

Topics & Appconfigs will be moved over as content and settings.

Simrun Customizations

We’ll help you move over code and customizations beyond stock Aspdotnetstorefront.

New Features

To look forward to:

You’ll love the power of Comrogen! It's the perfect shopping cart after Aspdotnetstorefront. Here are some of the key highlights and features to look forward to:

  • Dynamic categories
  • Definable order processing rules
  • Partial order shipping/open order
  • Plugin architecture
  • Fully responsive front-end/back-end
  • Shipping Label Printing (Ups/Fedex/Usps)
  • Definable admin permissions
  • Pure MVC 5 code base
  • Mutliple inventory/warehouse
  • Built in data exchange compatible with aspdnsf comander
  • Built in database backup system
  • Sitemap Generator (search engine compliant XML)
  • J-son LD compliant
  • Css, Javascript and HTML minification system
  • Complete display provider system
  • Built in 301 redirection system