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Sometimes being old fashioned is a good thing, and a few things are older in the world of commerce than the concept of a shopping list. However, its rare to find online stores that have a shopping list feature available to customers, in fact most websites only have a wish list, which is essentially the opposite of a shopping list – your expected to find items you may want some other day instead of knowing what you want right now.

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Any online store that has sales of consumables, stationary, perishables, or any other item that is routinely purchased by its shoppers should really consider adding a shipping list to their site. Time and time again you’re bound to have customers who forgot that 1 item that they desperately needed but forgot to add it to their cart because they were caught with the other things that sparked their fancy. We’ve all been guilty of this same behavior at our local grocery shop or retailer and have done the same while shopping online too; its about time shopping lists because common on online stores as there is no simpler way to put it; shopping lists are simple, effective, and proven to be convenience to customers.


Quickshop acsts a virtual shopping list for your website. Image courtesy of Rockland Kosher


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