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for Simrun E-commerce and AspDotNetStoreFront 9.X / MSx

If you have ever shopped online, you will be familiar with the “Add to cart button” (aka: add to bag, buy now excreta). For the past 18 years or so that people have been shopping online, add-to-cart functionality has been an integral part of shopping cart systems and represents the first step in completing a purchase online. While some things have changed over time; the overall process remains the same:


2. Shopping Cart Page Loads

3. Click the link to the place you were last

4. Resume Shopping


At Simrun, we think the old add-to-cart process could do better, and no would agree more than our friends at All in Kosher. All in Kosher was looking for an innovative way to keep customer focus high and speed up the shopping process. When they approached us, we suggested: Ajax Cart!


Ajax Cart in action, Note: the shopping cart icon that appears after an item is added to the cart. Image courtesy of www.energizenutrition.net.


Ajax Cart is an always on-screen mini shopping cart that streamlines the add-to-cart process by trimming the traditional 4 step process to just 1: Ajax-add-to-cart! With Ajax Cart the add-to-cart process has:

  • No more page refreshes! Efficiency is the name of the game; even the fastest connections can’t match Ajax!
  • No More clicking to find your back to where you were before. Since visitors aren’t redirected to dedicated shopping cart pages they won’t have to scramble through the site to find their way back.
  • No More loss of train of thought: Always know what your total is and what items you have in you cart; oh, being able to add any item on screen at anytime without being bounced around isn’t bad either.

Ajax Cart can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and sales. If your current e-commerce site is in a situation where the average order contains more than 10 items; A Simrun E-commerce Solution with Ajax Cart implementation could dramatically improve results, contact your Simrun representative today to for more information.

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