Ajax Shipping Estimator

for S.E.E. & AspDotNetStoreFront 9.X / MSx

Knowing shipping totals is a big deal online; in fact it’s the number one deal breaker when it comes to completing a purchase.” Shipping Shock” happens more often the store owners can imagine and occurs when shipping totals at checkout are higher than expected and customers decide not to buy, or worse buy elsewhere. While there is only so much that can be done to change the price of shipping, if you trace the path of a lost sale due to shipping, you’ll realize, as a store owner, you’re in for the real “Shock” and not the customer. Let’s take a typical example where a customer on your website is surprised at the shipping total; alarmed and aggravated, he decides not to buy from you. Now the disgruntled shopper continues on searching other sites until he stumbles upon a competitor’s site that sells similar items. The customer adds roughly the same amount of items to their cart proceeds to checkout. During checkout he sees a similar shipping total but the customer isn’t surprised or startled! Why? Well, for one, your site already took the brunt of the impact by giving the shipping total first, so it less likely to cause a commotion this time around. Secondly, if the customer is serious about making a purchase, they are more likely to complete the purchase at the competitor’s site simply because they are at checkout, ready to register, and this time, aren’t “Shocked” at the shipping price. Unfair isn’t it?

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At Simrun, we believe shipping shock needs to be boxed, packed, and be shipped away; far, far, away (or at least not any where near Simrun powered e-commerce sites). In its place, we introduce: Ajax Shipping Estimator! Ajax Shipping Estimator is a quick and powerful way to gain your customer’s trust by allowings them to quickly see their shipping total on-screen at any given time. Ajax Shipping Estimator asks customers their zip-code and then responds with estimated shipping rates based on shipping settings defined in the admin section of your Simrun site. The estimator can also be set to automatically update as new items are added to shopping carts so customers don’t have to constantly click update to get their totals.


With Ajax Shipping Estimator there’s no more “Shock”, no more doubts on what the shipping price is going to be or any other suspense/drama in what is supposed to be a simple process. Oh, and in case we forgot to mention, it will most definitely will increase your sales and improve CRM.


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