C-level implementations are designed for existing Aspdotnetstorefront users or advanced e-commerce clients that are looking to take their e-commerce site to the next level. C-Level implementations are custom built to your specifications and are quite simply, phenomenal. The sites you see in our Sample Sites Page are mostly C-level implementations; this is the big leagues, the world of customized e-commerce.



C1 is our entry level implementation in customized e-commerce websites. Customized websites differ fundamentally from stock out of the box websites because they utilize custom User Interface elements and design layouts and are built to specific business needs. What this does is create a website that looks very professional, is different from the thousands of generic e-commerce sites you see online and it makes it clear to visitors: You are serious and ready to do business online. C1 implementations are perfect for existing Aspdotnetstorefront users that are looking to re-do their website and have outgrown the limitations of their stock e-commerce platform.

Another excellent reason for choosing C1 is the extensive use of Native Master Pages and user controls, we build your site based on .ascx pages and aren’t restricted to the limited features of XML packages. User controls are easier to work with and can be developed in visual studio, they also have superior support for Ajax , and other popular .net development techniques.


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 1. Can I upgrade my basic site to a customized website?

Generally no; the code base varies dramatically, if you need features and requirements that are not available on the stock code base then you should only consider a custom e-commerce implementation: C1, C2 or Overhaul.

 2. I only need a few things done, not a whole site

 3. What do the S, M, A under display packages mean?

 4. How long will it take to make my website?

 5. Do I have to pay all the money upfront?

 6. How do I pay you?

 7. Do I get all the files once back once my project is completed?

 8. How is project communication handled, what about meetings and phone conferences?

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