L- level sites are great for customers getting online for the first time and need to find the best bang for there buck. We have 3 basic plans to choose from that should fit any budget, if you need to mix and match components and features, just contact us for a custom quote.


Level 2

L2 implementations or conversions are best suited for customers that already have an e-commerce template or design ready and they need this to be “wrapped” around Aspdotnetstorefront. This implementation package includes converting existing mockups (Photoshop/Jpeg files) into a working skin for Aspdotnetstorefront; html templates can also be converted (e.g. templates to Aspdotnetstorefront) NOTE: L2 implementations generally only cover the main site shell, they do not cover inner pages such as home page, category, product, shopping cart, and checkout pages, however L2 options will change the button graphics, and some graphic headers to match the new site's theme.

If you need additional development done, you can ask your sales representative for additional options ala carte to your L2 implementation. Popular upgrades include customized home pages and menus.


Start estimate

Starting at: $1,900.00


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 1. Can I upgrade my basic site to a customized website?

Generally no; the code base varies dramatically, if you need features and requirements that are not available on the stock code base then you should only consider a custom e-commerce implementation: C1, C2 or Overhaul.

 2. I only need a few things done, not a whole site

 3. What do the S, M, A under display packages mean?

 4. How long will it take to make my website?

 5. Do I have to pay all the money upfront?

 6. How do I pay you?

 7. Do I get all the files once back once my project is completed?

 8. How is project communication handled, what about meetings and phone conferences?

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