Boat Lift And Dock
Boat Lift Parts is a leading e-retailer specializing in boat lift and boat dock products for various marine applications. They are located in Plainwell, Michigan, but market and sell products on a global scale.


They offer a full line of waterfront equipment, parts, and accessories from a wide variety of manufacturers. With a broader range of products and more detailed information than most others in our industry, has quickly become the “go-to” place on the web for boat lift and marine products.


With a fully functioning Aspdotnetstorefront website, already was an established e-commerce player; however, they experienced growing pains when it became obvious that the stock Aspdotnetstorefront code base and 3rd party add-ons were not going to be sufficient to reach the goals that they wanted.


To address these concerns Boat Lift & Dock selected Simrun’s S.E.E. system to revamp the website, add features such as power search and filtering, custom product pages including an expanded diagram based product system that allows customers to purchase parts form a large picture and finally customize the shopping cart and checkout process so that conversion rates are dramatically improved.


There new sites is miles ahead of the original and this year’s sales will be looking better than ever.

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