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Product Compare w/Attributes for S.E.E. & AspDotNetStoreFront 9.X / MSx

NOTE: Please review our attributes feature document to get familiar with how attributes enhance your product search as the compare feature relies heavily on product attributes.

Having a large selection of products is great, but when you have more than one product that has similar features and characteristics; customers will want to do some side-by-side comparisons to find the best fit. In fact many of the leading online stores use comparison features to not only save their visitors time but as a way to increase conversions and save resources, it’s a win-win for all and your online store will be happier with it.

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If we were to track e-commerce evolution back in time to when product comparison was at its infancy, we would find that the overwhelming majority of electronics and computer retailers used (and still do today) product compare to help simplify the selection process. Shoppers would meticulously go down line by line to see which product was best for them; after all, computers and electronics have various specs and feature that vary greatly. But what if we employ the same comparison logic to items that may not seem as complicated or have an index full of features, what if it was just a pair of shoes? The answer is not surprisingly, customers appreciate product comparison regardless of how complicated an item is, because comparing color, materials, heal is just as valuable as specs on computers.


Product Compare allows customers to easily compare items in one page.

Product Compare along with the Attribute Manager allows your customers to compare products head to head quickly and efficiently. Note only is this a great feature to have in your store, its quickly becoming the standard if you sell items that are similar or even direct substitutes for each other. Contact your Simrun representative for more information about Product Compare and to see how you can use this in conjunction with Attribute Manager.


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