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Search is important, actually, it’s very important. The biggest sites on the internet are search engines because they let people find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. The same applies to e-commerce sites; you need to make sure that your site search engine is able to connect customers to the products they are looking with the least amount of hassle.

So how is your current web site search engine? More than likely, just like almost all e-commerce sites, your search is based on a simple SQL query that only returns results based on alphabetic organization and makes no attempt to correct spelling mistakes or display relevant results. E.g. if your product is spelled “Blue Berries” in your database and your customer searches for Blueberries (1 word) you can expect the search engine to return 0 results. Why? Because simple SQL quires simply match the phrase that is typed in with what is in the database and if it isn’t a direct match, then it means there are no results to display (oh, and we won’t even get to the scenario where a customer misspells something). This simply doesn’t work online and customers aren’t going to put up with it; they’ll leave and hop to a national retailer whose superior search will eventually lead to a lost sale for you.

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Now implementing a thorough site search engine can cost a lot of money, far more than setting up your website and it requires constant up keep and maintenance. At Simrun we decided why not use the power of Google and let Google display relevant results and correct spellings. The result: Enterprise level searching at a fraction of the cost making it a viable option for SMBs all around the world.


Ajax Search in action: As the user is typing, search matches are automatically displayed. Image courtesy of Futonbed.com.

Simrun’s S.E.E. search allows your customers to quickly search for products on your website and even starts populating possible results as your customers are typing! Our Ajax search results makes it easy for your customers to quickly type a few words and start seeing relevant results display right in front of them. Of course, if they misspelled something, the corrected spelling and results for what they meant to type are displayed. But we don’t just stop their; instead of displaying items strictly on the base of name, price or anything predefined, you can use Google’s product base engine to display results based on what Google feels is the best match for your search (your customers can also use the standard database search and browse your product inventory traditionally as well).


A good site has a good site search engine, and good site searches leads to better sales.


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