Multiple Wish Lists

for S.E.E. & AspDotNetStoreFront 9.X / MSx

Wish lists have become increasing popular online as a way of reminding shoppers of items that haven’t purchased yet. While having a list of items is great, its just one list! As you all know being online store owners yourselves, you can very well have a list of items to buy for the Holidays and then perhaps a list of items for whenever you have some expendable funds lying around. However, 99.99% of online stores (assuming they offer wish lists) usually just have 1 big repository wish list where you’re expected to pile everything together. This can get a bit disheartening as sorting through all those items generally takes longer then adding items directly into your cart; so much for having a wish list...


Of course, if you had the ability to have multiple wish lists where you could chose which list you wanted to save items to, it could make life a bit easier (Hint: Major retailers like Target already do this). At Simrun, we feel having multiple wish lists shouldn’t be the exception, but the norm, and our S.E.E. package has this feature available right out of the box. Now your shoppers can simply move all the items from their selected wish list to their shopping cart without having to go through them. If Customers can aren’t ready to buy they can decide which wish list they would like to save these items to and can also create as many new wish lists as they please. To emphasize the “wish” in wish list, your customers are able to email their selected wish list to recipient of their choice.


Multiple Wish Lists are great way to strengthen your relationship with your customers, not only is it a great way to bring customers back to your site, but also gives them a greater incentive to buy as they weren’t able to purchase these items the last time.


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